WHO WE ARE2021-07-23T12:28:45+02:00

We’ve re-assessed how our service offering and organisational structure could meet
the challenges of the future, and continue to exceed the expectations of our clients,
but we’ve also embarked on a revolution of our corporate identity.

This new look embodies our values, our diverse, pioneering
and client-centric culture, and most importantly, our confidence.
We look forward to sharing that confidence with you.


Navigare was founded in 2009. From the beginning, we built our business on the foundation of a strong entrepreneurial spirit, forging longstanding client relationships, and an ambition to leave a legacy of sustainable transformation and empowerment in the stock broking industry.

Between 2009 and 2016, we created a strong brokerage franchise, grew our client base, and installed world-class trading and compliance systems. During this time, our founding shareholders bought back a 25% stake in the business from our angel investor, Blackstar Plc.

In 2016, we embarked on a new trajectory and amplified our focus on transformation. Black shareholders acquired a 51% share in the business, and we attracted new skills to take the business to the next level.

From this time until today, we have driven skills-transfer programmes and established strategic partnerships with academic institutions, leading educational bodies, and industry-influencers.

Thanks to these and other efforts, what in other firms might be seen as “hygiene factors” have been taken to the next level at Navigare. Our ethical standards go beyond compliance or necessity, while our broad and nuanced approach to diversity has made us leaders in enabling new talent to enter the industry and drive the growth and development of an inclusive economy.

By shaping employable students and young professionals, Navigare has set new industry benchmarks, as well as a solid foundation for generations of future financial professionals.

Today, our industry is going through significant structural change along the entire value chain. Global markets are being driven by the domination of passive investing, industry reform legislation is having a massive impact, technology is improving market access from both efficiency, convenience, and cost perspectives – all this, not to mention local macro challenges.

At Navigare, our entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever. Our drive to deliver innovative solutions has never been more dynamic. Our commitment to forge ever stronger and deeper client relationships has never been more focused.

This has led us to more deeply integrate our business units, and to create a unique data-driven offering, tailored to our clients’ needs and processes, that is both transparent and reconcilable, and which enables markedly improved investment decisions – among other initiatives.

The future is bright. Join us.



Navigare is a team of specialists – data scientists, economists, stockbrokers, and strategists – with over 200 years’ combined experience of trading.

We’ve been actively involved in the financial markets and JSE over the past 30 years with regard to trade, compliance and regulations, risk, and settlements. Our people have driven skills-transfer programmes, led industry initiatives, participate in advisory committees and forums, and chair industry bodies.

But more than anything, we focused on delivering innovative solutions that turn possibility into opportunity – and inspire and instil confidence.


We are a small firm that aims to make a big impact for our clients and our industry at large. In our approach to our industry, our business, and our work – and in our interactions with clients and each other – we embrace an ethos upheld by five core values.

We Believe in the Power of Innovation2020-06-15T13:56:41+02:00

We are entrepreneurial innovators and embrace the potential and possibilities of technology. We know that saying, “That’s how it’s always been done,” is the death of innovation and positive change. We push our thinking and always strive for better ways to execute.

We Put Integrity First2020-06-10T13:03:27+02:00

Compliance is par for the course. We go further. We are open, transparent, and committed to ethical best practice (regardless of trading environment) not because we are required to be, but because doing the right thing has value in and of itself. Integrity makes for better business and trustworthy financial markets.

We Strive for Excellence2020-06-10T13:03:50+02:00

Our pioneering spirit and commitment to integrity produces excellence. Best practice is our starting point, but we go further, triple checking outputs and deliverables, and ensuring independent eyes see everything we submit and publish. We celebrate our achievements and leverage every team member’s strengths to the maximum so that each new output is always setting the bar higher.

We Build Relationships That Last2020-06-10T13:04:30+02:00

We are personable and professional, and treat our clients as individuals not numbers, just as we want to be treated. We are focused on solving client needs and building relationships that deliver positive results, financially and on a personal level, now and into the future. We are always asking ourselves, “Is this is the best interest of our client?”

We Embody Diversity – of People, Experience, Abilities, and Ideas2020-06-10T13:04:57+02:00

We believe diversity should be substantive, not just descriptive. What’s most important to us is not the language we use, but actually doing what we’re talking about – actively bringing together different people, from different backgrounds and different lived experiences, who express themselves through different identities and languages, and bring with them different skill-sets, perspectives and ideas. This is diversity that drives innovation and delivers excellence.

We value the support of our clients and place strong emphasis on maintaining long-term
relationships that are open, transparent, and based on trust. In view of this, we have established
an internal complaints’ resolution procedure for the handling of complaints, and we encourage
clients to provide us with feedback.



We operate via closely integrated business units:


  • Equities
  • Transition management
  • Sales
  • Corporate access


  • Data hub
  • Analytics
  • Thematic research


  • Finance
  • Compliance & risk
  • Settlements
  • Securities lending
  • Dividend tax recovery


  • Investor relations
  • ECM
  • Data services
  • Share schemes